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December 21, 2009



I've gone back and forth on this. Recently my dad sent me an email saying he thinks its garbage and should not be passed.

So here's point Number 5:

Let the wingnuts blow themselves up first!

I think this is a bad bill. And I'd argue with Ezra Klein on his Social Security comparison: What has happened since 1980 with regards to politics in the USA?

In between Reagan, Bush's large and small, and the DLC, the rich have gotten richer and everyone else has gotten smaller. As shown by the power the insurance companies and their friends in the corporate media have wielded in this debate.

But if you read Politico, and such as (I can because they're not blocked at work, like most blogs), the right wingers are ready to blow themselves and the Republican party that enables them up. This would be the lunatic fringe that Joe Klein (and such as) happily equates to the people who were right about Iraq (or anyone who is to the left of Joe Klein).

I say pass the bill and let the teabaggers go mad. Maybe things will get better for sane people in this country.


Yep, pretty much. Thing is, the right cannot articulate any alternative position at the moment. There is no solution to this enormous market failure that doesn't involve government intervention in the "free" "market".


Huckleberry is outraged.


Pinko Punko

I think Paul is wrong in the other thread. You have got to get it passed. And then improve it any way you can with subsequent bills. There is no such thing as air here at all. The Heathers are waiting to pounce and TMZ Washington (Politico) and the rest of the ilk are ready to go for the jugular.


I was going to post this over there. And then thought, what will be accomplished? Nothing. So it is going here.

It’s not the fact that people vote for the lesser of two evils that bothers me, it’s the fact that they see it not as a defensible choice, but as a moral imperative, as the ONLY choice.

Let's ask a couple hundred thousand Iraqis...oh wait, we can't. They're dead, thanks to our war. The one you and I paid for.

Say what you will about the 1999 version of Al Gore, but he wouldn't have put PNAC and Dick Cheney in charge of our foreign policy.

We do have a responsibility for our nation does. Were an Iraqi civilian who has lost his or her family to ask "WHY?":

Is "Don't blame me, I voted for Nader"² any better than "Don't blame me, I was busy heroing two characters on WoW"?

² This is why I said "what will be accomplished?"...Already I need to backpedal and refine.

I think my dad voted for Nader back in 2000. I'm not condemning people for what they did then, but now we KNOW what happened. The greater evil is pretty damned evil.

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