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October 03, 2008



Mandos-Don't have comment privileges at Corrente so glad you brought this here. You know who has moderator status at the Confluence? myiq2xu and he's plenty pissed abut being booted from Corrente so possibly he's the fuck off source. He is one of 2 moderators who would say something like that.
You say no one commented against the original post but I made a very long comment about it in RD's post-did you miss it? You should look it up.
Please don't conflate PUMA and the individuals who may write on a PUMA blog-it's not a monolithic movement at this point and there's not much oversight. No one speaks for any but themselves and no one speaks for Hillary especially. PUMA is not a Hillary sanctioned movement so please don't blame her as you wouldn't blame Obama for some garbage you might read at a blog which supports him.


I don't blame Hillary for it.

It wasn't myiq2xu. myiq2xu has attempted to engage a bit more constructively with me, actually. It may just boil down to a difference of political vocabularies, for all I can tell.

The Confluence does seem a little...fundamentalist at times, don't you think, though?

I'm not a fervent Obama supporter as such. I prefer him to McCain for marginal reasons.


"I do believe she lost due to a small number of misapprehensions about why the Obama campaign took off the way it did.

But she didn't really lose, she was cut off at the knees by the democratic leadership. THAT is why we are PUMA's.

"And as for dakinikat, it is so tempting to quote the "my black friend" she pulls near the end"

Did you read her post? She walks the walk.
What is wrong with you?

You know, I've had email discussions with a couple of friends and relatives in Scandinavia, and they have actually asked me if I was refusing to vote for Obama because he was black. They have the luxury of asking me this because they, as you have, living in Canada, national health insurance. It's not a life or death question for THEM, or for you, either.

And that seems to be the whole problem. The luxury of Obama can only be enjoyed by the haves, not by the have nots. He has shown no compassion for his fellow country men and women who need government to work. We have been cast aside and we are fighting for our lives. It's a fight we can't give up.

Racism? Don't make me laugh. We are splitting our votes because we are trying to gain some form of leverage, pitting McCain/Palin against a democratic legislative branch. It's our only (dim) hope. Obama is not. We can see that much clearly.



I don't know who you are but you obviously don't know much about me either.

First of all, I only have moderator privileges at the Confluence on my own posts. This didn't involve any of my posts.

Secondly, I am not pissed at anyone at Corrente, nor was I ever particularly angry.

Lambert played his games, I called him out on it, we both have moved on with things that are of real significance. I doubt he is brooding over it either.

Finally, while you are correct that I am one of the moderators that would say something like that, youare incorrect as to the number. There might be two that would not say it.

I am not shy about using profanity, nor am I the type to do so anonymously.

Everything I say in the blogosphere is posted under my one and only alias. No alternate identities, no sockpuppets, no anonymous postings.

If I tell someone to fuck off I do it proudly, and sign my name to it.

Let me add one other thing - The Confluence is Riverdaughter's place, not mine. I am a guest there, and as such I try to keep my personal feuds restricted to Klownhaus.

In the future if you feel the urge to talk shit about me, please don't do it behind my back. That's chickenshit.


Mandos, I've lurked at the Confluence since they started. I've also lurked at Dakinikat's site since the beginning. I can only conclude, from my long arms length acquaintance with both these sites, among others, that you are not familiar with their backgrounds or their experience. In which case, you are putting forward your ideas as if they are truth. Perhaps you are young and do not have experience in the real world, but frankly, my 19 year old son could see through your rationales for what was essentially a hit piece designed to get readership. Personally, after all I have heard about your "intelligence and erudition" I have to give it a pass. My advice, which you won't take, is get out, experience life from all sides, before you take on a self righteous stance. BTW, my grandmother was black - imagine an interracial marriage 90 years ago, and another BTW, Dakinikat is latina and lives in the 9th ward. Where do you live?

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