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April 17, 2008


johnny rotten of sunnybrook farm

nicely done.

Being wrong in the right way is more valid, more serious than being right in the wrong way.

But liberals are the moral relativists.

How long have we been living in George Orwell's world again? I lose track, and I'm not sure if time measurements are of the correct ideological purity....


I find it even more serious when a person shakes their head sadly before acknowledging the need to run tanks through a neighborhood full of civilians.

johnny rotten of sunnybrook farm

well, snag that leaves out Kraphammer and Kristol. Because they very nearly cackle with glee when they encourage those types of actions.

And Chimpy of course just smirks and goes 'heh-heh'


They were right in a childish, "I told you so" way, which only highlights their fundamental unseriousness.

None of the assholes at the bar remember the bet we made about WMD being a hoax and Iraqi Freedom being a giant snow job to justify a 50+ year presence in Iraq.

I'm owed dozens and dozens of drinks.

I'm deeply serious.

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