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February 25, 2008



I think the formats are highly artificial and weird and possibly adversely affect the public discourse when debate-club graduates actually start careers without getting it out of their systems.

Y'think? ;-)

It's funny: when I think of the debate-club graduates who never got over it in Canada, I tend to think first of the upper reaches of the Liberal Party, not guys like Ken Epp, who introduced this absurd bill. He's something else, a true believer, a fundamentalist. There aren't so many of him, and we wouldn't be in such trouble if this stuff stopped with him and his ilk. The trouble comes because we can't trust the larger and more influential numbers of the smug, who fancy that their nuanced thoughts on any topic are always worth public space.

Whip them, I say. Whip them. The Liberal Party is the goddamn problem.


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billy pilgrim

Why does Mandos hate chain-saw maniacs?

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