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January 31, 2008



Please don't go wrecking my dream of becoming a citizen of Canadia. I don't have all that much to hang on to nowadays.

Beijing York

The sooner Harper is out of office, the better. The newly appointed president and CEO of the Wheat Board (Harper fired the last guy)is an expert in repositioning agri-industry agencies in an environment of deregulation. And one of the first people fired by Harper was scientist and civil servant with the National Geographic Survey (I think) because he refused to use "Canada's New Government" on his published materials.


Maybe I should remove my reservation at Ches Mendacious.

Mendacious D

No tub for you! Snag now has dibs.

When's the next election, anyway? Hasn't it been, like, a week already?


Last I heard, an election would just give us the same Parliament. Apparently, the media is saying that Dion has not managed to get his message out.


Mendacious D

...and it gets worse. The Office of the National Science Advisor? Canned.


It is depressing to think that the US's approach to science information is one to be emulated.


Enough of this brainiac talk. Go do the meme I left for you.

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