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January 23, 2008



I thought you were going to place in the top 3, Mandos, but I guess that was not the way the cookie crumbled.

And although you accused the winning oatmeal cookies of being bland, they were anything but! Not to mention the wicked cardamom ones!

Thanks again for sharing the awesome Egg Sweet with us.

billy pilgrim

I said early on, a simple cookie well made is a winner.

Yes, anyone can make an oatmeal cookie. But to make one that stands ABOVE all the previous cookies-of-oat that the eater may have eaten? That takes skill and a quick wit. And an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope...

...wait a minnut.... got my pages mixed up here....

Anyway, you get my drift.

Besides, next year is dominated by the Chicago folks, so it's going to be decided by graft and dead voters.


I was very jealous that I wasn't a judge this year and thus able to eat Mandos' contributions. Personally I thought they sounded the best (and the PB&J cookie.)


Infidels, indeed! Bah! If it's oatmeal they be wanting, I can hook ye up with a recipe. You can't tell skdadl, though...thar be coconut!

Pinko Punko

Kathleen, never mind the chocolate hammer over your head, but I think you know who the real winner was. Need I explain how things came to pass? Perhaps Prime Minister of Baluchistan, Mr. Heyjii Meshbanagonus (silent u) can help us out?


Hah! Baluchistan's PM is Mohammedmian Soomro.

But this episode shows who my REAL FRIENDS are. My peeps have got my back!


the chocolate hammer is like the sword of Damocles.


I don't know, your entry sounded pretty good to me. If you want to send me some I'll award you a prize.

Mendacious D

Or you could send a preview batch to the judges of the Mid-Summer Deathmatch Bakeoff of DOOM.

I promise to evaluate them fairly.


People should read this.

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