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January 17, 2008



WOW - great source there, Mandos - "yes, out sourcing does enrich us".

"No, you can't have any."

So the problem is not in the economics, but in the anal retentiveness.

Guess I can agree with that.


Among the many ways in which this reasoning is flawed is the belief that the places to which jobs are outsourced exist in some sort of free-market fantasy world. Of course it's cheaper to have goods made in a place that employs child or slave labor, or has no environmental regulations, or provides no health care to workers. That doesn't mean it's right to do so.


that op/ed showed up in hyderabad today, along with one that claimed that hillary/obama is a good thing among other things. bizarro day in full effect.

i havent been to redstate since i abandoned the general political blogosphere, but man they sure are consistent.

RFK Action Front

Good work on flagging this bizarre NY Times opinion piece. It seems that in order to be a Ph.D. economist from the University of Chicago one needs to abandon any shred of humanity and concern for basic human decency. I read the NY Times piece on Wednesday and I've been chewing on it ever since so I finally broke down and wrote a long critique of it which you can read (here).

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