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December 31, 2007



Loving the food pr0n, Mandos! *drool*

"Have you been up all night eating cheese?"


The two pies were from Thyme and Again, a bakery/café on the Other Wellington in Ottawa. One was chocolate glop on a thin layer of raspberry jam. The other was lemon glop. The lemon glop went very well with the fresh blueberries just off camera.


It may be Cheese Mandos, but wtf is holding it together? I hate cheese when it coagulates or sumthing. Explain.


Nothing is holding it together. It is like the crust of a cheese bun. The frying forces the water out of the cheese so that the bottom of the chupaqueso is just a sort of cheese crisp.

Purple Library Guy

According to the webcartoon in question (Schlock Mercenary) you can add chunks of bacon and it still counts. Mmmm, bacon.



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