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September 18, 2007



You noticed that the Grope and Flail simply could not bring itself to choke out the letters NDP in its main headline this morning? I think you are spot on when you say that Layton and crew seized the moment, which is what politicians are supposed to be able to do, but media insiders just cannot face that deviation from the script they know.

Otherwise, I just don't know enough about the shift you're detecting, Mandos. I hope you're right, of course.


The shift is not directly in the likelihood of the NDP winning. It's more that Québec political patterns are becoming increasingly more similar to ROC political patterns after several decades of being quite different.

Mary Soderstrom

Having spent far more time than I meant to campaigning for Thomas Mulcair, let me say that the most striking thing about this victory is the way the people--old, young, Francophone, Anglophone, Allophone--responded to his courage, integrity and candor in standing up to the provincial Liberal government of which he had been a member on some important issues.

The NDP has almost always got 10 per cent of the vote in Outremont--a large and varied urban riding--even when they haven't run a good campaign. The only other time a non-Liberal ran is also directly related to a strong NDP campaign. Liberal Lucie Pépin and NDPer Louise O'Neill split the left/left centre vote in 1988 and the PC's Jean-Pierre Hogue slipped through to victory.

I was very involved in that campaign, and the result put me off active politics for 10 years. But the ground is shifting and maybe we'll actually be able to do some good in the next little bit.




Hello Mary!


Canadian politics sound far more interesting than American politics. You guys can force elections? I guess timetables really are for losers.

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