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March 13, 2007


Adorable Girlfriend

Smarmy? That's what AG is calling UC these days.


"Does it not sidle off the tongue like a much-maligned used car salesman?"

...no, on second thoughts I'm not going to touch that one.


I first heard smarmy used by my mother, speaking about a politician. The man was too smoothe for his own good and she popped up with smarmy. I immediately knew what it meant.

You used another great one: "onomatopoeia", there is even a song about it - by the iconic John Prine:
"Bang! went the pistol.
Crash! went the window.
Ouch! went the son of a gun.
I don't wanna see ya
Speaking in a foreign tongue."

I have to admit it does have a lyrical quality. Even if, when I first heard it, I confused it with the Matapedia River, Quebec, in the Gaspe area.

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