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March 23, 2007



You are not being unjust about Toronto - you are just totally clueless!!!!!!!!!! ARGH, you've angered the food gods!!! The food here is by far better than any other city in North Am hands down (and yes, I mean ANY OTHER city in NA)!! I don't care what anyone else says. And I'm not biased because I'm not a native Torontonian, but seriously now - damn it!

Anyways - hit me an email if you need recommendations, I fear you are deliberately going to crappy restaurants on PURPOSE!

Federicks & China Garden in Scar, Most places on Baldwin st., EVERY resto in the annex (nataraj, everest, real thailand, rolu, Futures bakery, kensington foods) Etc...), Avli on Danforth, Golden Thai on Richmond, Dhaba on King, The host on Prince Arthur, Fressen on Queen, Uddippi Palance on Gerrard, The Joy on Queen/broadview.... need I say more?

You name it buddy boy - I've got a place for you!


Yeah, for the mere 3 months I lived in Toronto, I found the search for good restos much more difficult that I'd anticipated. Oh well, the grocery stores were cheap and varied, at least, making home cooking a lot better than most any other place I've lived.


I am sorry, AD, but I have tried at least a couple on that least and, well...mediocre. Trust me, I know my Toronto restaurants, having eaten at many many. Whenever I visit Toronto, I mostly end up eating out. For instance, Real Thailand is nice, but, well, it is nowhere near even Chaophraya in Ottawa, let alone the Siam Bistro. Kensington Kitchen was objectively very good, but I have no Ottawa reference points as I don't often eat at Med. mainly-veg restaurants.

I've tried several places on Gerrard, and most of them are mediocre or worse. Can't remember if I've tried the Uduppi Palace, but I am suspecting it's a veggie restaurant and us carnivorous Pakistanis don't eat at heathen places like that. The Lahore Tikka Hut or whatever it's called was pretty, but was on and off depending on the time of day---and I have found better near where I live in the US for Paki/Afghan food.

You have a point about the Futures bakery (I just ate there), but Ottawa's Oh So Good doesn't exactly slack off either.

I am not saying, by the way, that Toronto doesn't have good restaurants. It has good restaurants, but my point is that you shouldn't have to know people to find them. I know people, so I have been able to find the good restaurants. But if I didn't know people, they would mostly suck. I believe that this is not so much the case in Ottawa or the place in the states where I currently live. What is the signal-to-noise ratio? In other words, what's the likelihood of entering a good restaurant at random? I contend that though Toronto's good restaurants probably dwarf Ottawa's in terms of total numbers, the signal-to-noise ratio is low.

Chin up, though, AD. I binged at the Korean Grill House. Of course, that was mostly meat, so you can't go there. But it was delicious. Toronto indisputably has the best Korean food scene I've ever, well, seen.


Oh, and I ate at a truly awful Hungarian restaurant the last time I went to the Annex.

Adorable Girlfriend

You name it buddy boy - I've got a place for you!

AG just had a hot flash. Thank goodness teh teh doesn't read this blog!!

Of course the food is bland in Toronto because news flash it's in Canadia.

Enough said.

P.S. There is a cupcake place at the corner of Yonge and Egglington. Can you go and have the 'Eh! and tell AG if it is worth it? AG will only have one non Passover meal while there next weekend.


What're you talking about? Who said anything about bland? I can name blander major US cities, and don't get me started on Europe. Don't bother trying to find good food in Madrid at random, for instance, and what was the Munich airport *thinking*?


Not only that, but Toronto also smells funny. And there's a lot of dust.


No, I disagree - and I'm right so there!!! :P

LOL - I kid, I still won't be sold on this Toronto the mediocre deal, cause I have good word from many native ottawans who would say the total opposite! ;)

mandos - do you have TO envy? :P


So, like, I was one of those Ottawa people who dissed Ottawa in favour of Toronto. Like I said: I could be overcompensating on the disillusionment here. *But* I now have a third-location perspective---I suspect I would still be more of a Toronto-worshipper if I lived in Ottawa still.


In the interest of full disclosure: I don't particularly care for Ottawa. (Although I saw two bears in Ottawa today; I've never seen bears in the GTA.)


I think you're right that it's harder to determine which restaurants in TO are the good ones... but I don't think the "signal-to-noise ratio" is particularly different from Ottawa. There are simply a lot more places to eat in TO than there are in Ottawa. In TO, for the best Chinese, to take one example, you must seek out the most crowded restaurants in Scarborough or Markham. A particularly good Thai place is Green Mango at Yonge and Bloor.


Craig: well, you aren't a bigcity person in general. I am, BUT I would be willing to say that I'd rather live in the middle of, say, Kingston than in the outer parts of the GTA.


Real estate is surprisingly expensive in Kingston - likely all those old people. Retirement capital of eastern Ontario or something like that.

I think I'm committed to an R.R. address for my next place.

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