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March 26, 2007


Adorable Girlfriend

Glad you found something to eat and can stop your damn bitching.



Mandos, mandos, next time I'm in Ottawa - I'll make sure I will list all the crappy restos that ppl have even referred me to! See, the best ottawan resto is the equivalent of the most average toronto resto!!!


I think that's just 'cause you're a vegetarian.

See, I think the difference is that Toronto has a large student population and a large Young Trendy Proffessional class who eat out all the time, and the restaurants are very much geared to them. Ottawa food is catering to a different crowd (diplomats, etc), and the demands are just different.

Here's the most average Toronto restaurant: it's a small Chinese restaurant on a block with five others, very low-priced all of them, but only one or two of them is actually any good.


you have some interesting points mandos, but what good is a restaurant that does not have a good vegetarian selection? :P Or in the case of "royal thailand" in ottawa has ZIPPO! Argh!!!

I think you are right about the diplomat thing though - definitely more overpriced food, and the downtown core probably does have a stronger 'selected menu'. But even then, I really object to the Indian/Thai/Chinese and Japanese food that I've had there. Mainly because they really don't have a huge variety and the food hasn't been that good.

But logically, what you say sounds accurate. I won't go on. :)


In a studenty youthful place, like Toronto, you will likely get better vegetarian selection. But vegetarians are heathens anyway: do they really deserve good-tasting food? Shouldn't they be dining on unsalted boiled lentils day after day, wearing sackcloth and ashes?

Royal Thailand is by a good margin the weakest Thai restaurant in Ottawa. Is *that* where your friends have been sending you? Geez. Siam Bistro or Chaophraya! (They even have vegetarian selectiosn, at least Siam Bistro does.) But they aren't Toronto-style restaurants, they're about $2-3 more expensive and cater to a fancy shmancier crowd.

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