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February 13, 2007



"People are watching to see what will happen. And so we ignore each other."

This is very interesting (I wrote a short story about this for another blog, but it hasn't been released yet - maybe in the next month or so).

This kind of behaviour is very typical in areas where there is a larger pop'n of white people vs. in a city of mostly non-whites (like in some parts of TO!). I know - I'm guilty of it too (in the past of course!!!). It's odd cause when you see white ppl interacting in 'other' countries, they pretty much run towards each other - because they've been saved from the 'locals'. They hang out at the upper-class bars, tourist places etc... They pretty much bond over whiteness. Whereas with us, we do our best to avoid, and then someone who is TOO KIND and 'clueless' will burst your bubble by using the line "oh finally someone from my country - can you pls help me," and you are suckered in to help them even though they are 'weird looking' and have just used a 'familial relation' to draw assistance from you. And they notice how youre embarassed and you notice how you're embarassed and it's like you've just been caught with stealing or something else equally embarassing.

So sad really.


I didn't have too much experience with it---my high school in Ottawa was at the time very white. I do remember being expected to bond with the one other Nerdy Asian Kid in grade 4. We became friends but it became clear that we had different priorities in life---intellectual success to me meant more than math.


It's interesting to note, however, that because there is, apparently, an entrenched non-directly-ruling white population in Ethiopia due to the aid industry, it's pretty likely that they might start to exhibit some of the characteristics of minorities of colour in white countries.


Wow mandos - im surprised. I've had many such experiences like this - in the various cities I've lived in.

Once I went to uni though it was a whole different story.

Adorable Girlfriend

This is an an interesting post. UC and I have been reading about white culture and how it relates to feminism.

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