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January 26, 2007


Kevin Brennan

Oh god, Frankfurt. I had to fly through there on my way to Rome, and all I can say is that the Lufthansa staff combined Italian efficiency with German courtesy.

On the food front you might want to reconsider the halal decision (except in the U.S., of course, where it will score you terrorist points). The reason is that special meals are actually prepared shortly before your flight, while the regular meals are prepared up to 24 hours in advance of the plane leaving. I worked as a consultant in a flight kitchen once, which is how I know this and why I often just eat the bread.

Also, should you ever be in first class, NEVER eat the seafood.

Mustafa Hirji

1. I've flown transatlantic twice on Air Canada and once on Continental in the last 5 months and on none of them was there an individual entertainment system. In fact, only on a connecting flight from Toronto to Newark did I get the individual entertainment system (not even for Edmonton-Toronto). I'm not sure individual entertainment systems are that common yet. You're probably just more likely to get them living near/on the eastern seaboard which seems to be the centre of civilization. Or Something.

2. On that transatlantic Continental flight, the halal meal actually had chicken.

- Mustafa Hirji


So one member of our party did order the halal meal and did, in fact, get beans and rice for most of the non-Emirates flights. One United flight had, surprisingly, mutton or something.

Mustafa: You will not see entertainment systems on most flights in North America unless they were desperate to recruit a plane. But I've flown Continental internationally a couple of years ago, and they had the individual systems. It must be you Westerners who are deprived.

By the way, I actually liked The Devil Wears Prada. I mean, I'm not a big fan of fashion or the fashion industry, but modulo that, the movie was a story about terrible employers and careerism and so on that had a decent moral at the end.

Mustafa Hirji

The Continental flight was out of Newark, so it was hardly a western flight.

And I agree about the Devil Wears Prada.

- Mustafa Hirji


1. I got a personal entertainment device flying Singapore out of YVR three years ago.

2. The Devil Wears Prada, apart from being a delightfully moralistic movie, also has one of the most trenchant critiques of peoples' beliefs in individuality I've ever seen. I refer, of course, to cerulean.

Travel Guy

Wow, excellent info here. Just an FYI, North American Airlines offers direct flights between Baltimore and Accra (Ghana), Baltimore and Lagos (Nigeria), New York and Accra (Ghana), New York and Georgetown (Guyana), New York and Lagos (Nigeria). For a discount airline to have these direct routes is huge! I can't even begin to imagine the time it's saved me. Anyway, beyond the plug, I agree on the Devil Wears Prada as well. :-)

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