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October 30, 2006


Joseph Lavoie

Let me guess, you're probably in a good position to define Canadian values too?


I'm in no position to define anything, danke schoen. I just shake the can and let the definitions fall out.


What a pallid notion of democracy Adrian seems to have. I should have thought that watching the advance of legislative/executive supremacism south of the border would have cured any serious democrat of the delusion that democracy equals voting and nothing more, which I think is the implication of Adrian's call for everyone but MPs to shut up.

Stranger to me, though, and worse, is that he doesn't seem interested in basing his arguments on any serious assessment of the mission in Afghanistan. To me, that is every citizen's first responsibility. How can we either support or oppose the mission unless we know what it is? We should support it just because a majority in the Commons are going along with the PM?

Given that we have yet to hear an intelligent assessment of the mission from the PM, I don't think so.


Nice to see a good Canadian "progressive" quote from the Manifesto according to Karl (Rove, that is).

He is like the cowboy that likes all kinds of music, both Country AND Western.


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