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October 06, 2006



Do you know that something called "date squares" is a distinctively Canadian dish, Mandos? You cook the dates up with a little water and some spices, and then use them as the filling in between a bottom and a top layer of an oatmeal pastry. Quite yummy.


I know date squares. Unfortunately, I could never learn to like them :(


Are those similar to that repulsive concoction, "the fig newton"? (I believe that's what they are called.


Alas, yes. Perhaps a little more flavourful because of the crust. On occasion, I have encountered a *good* date square.

Fig newtons, such as they are, however, are an improvement over dried figs, IMO. Date squares are usually a step down from good dates. These Dole dates are actually not much better than date squares, however.

The supermarket underestimated the Ramadan demand for dates, because they are almost out of even the Dole stuff. I'm hoping they'll finally get a shipment of those medjool dates that are so tasty.

Violet Socks

Fig Newtons are the food of the gods.

Mandos, did you have your date today? I can't believe you actually do that.


I did, in fact, have my date yesterday.


Ooh. How exciting. How did it go? ;-)

Fig Newtons are so different, though. The crust is a commercial biscuit dough, and while they are a cut above your average cookie, they are still not fresh food.

The crust of date squares, if made with real oatmeal, is most tasty and healthy. I'm the reverse of you, Mandos: I love the simple fig, fresh or dried, but I'm not so keen on your naked date.


Wait. That last was a straight line, right?

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