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October 30, 2006



And, with this, I hope I have managed to scratch my own wannabe-restaurant-reviewer itch.


I assume the biggest criticism of chains like this is also their chief virtue: that is, you always know what you're going to get. It might speak to narrow horizons or somesuch but, when you don't have much time, but don't want fast-food, and are in unfamiliar environs, the big-box restaurant serves a useful purpose: the bread, salad, and lasagna is the same there as in a hundred other cities. Sometimes you just have the time to find a falafel shop. All the same, I avoid places like that because their vegetarian options are usually quite limited and I don't tend to believe them when they say the soup is made from vegetable stock. (Given that it likely comes from Campbell's, I'm willing to believe it is almost always chicken or beef based.)


Yeah, authenticity is overrated. It's a reverse racism argument...

It kinda leads into "You're our past, we're your future" arguments where the only people worthy of experimentation because of their lack of proving their authenticity are white.

Regardless, yeah - I had my first OliveG experience in the US a month ago, and as a veggie, I couldn't even eat the bread - eggs. Garden salad made for a family of ten for $4.95, yes I ate every last italian dressing drenched wilted piece of boston lettuce.

So yeah, chains suck.


god, who takes the time to go around dissing the Olive Garden? It is what it is. yeah, megacorporate culture has a lot to answer for; but sneering at people who "don't have taste" ain't the way to go at it, kids.

and i don't know what kind of mythic past some people are looking to in the U.S. culinary scene, but as far as i know, once upon a time, you'd have had -fewer- options for eating out, not more. yeah, there were more mom n pop diners and such; that doesn't say anything about how good the food was.

that said, last time i was there--no, the food's not great.

I used to like Chili's burgers, but i think they seriously went downhill.

there have been times when Friendly's has seemed like an oasis. hell, i could say the same of Burger King.

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