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October 08, 2006



I have been waiting all summer for the return of this series, the other that is high on my agenda is the New Doctor Who Series (awesome, even my wife likes it)

I find the parrallels between the today's terrorism and the Cylon/Human war very interesting, not very suttle, in fact it is blantantly obvious. I expect many rightwingers will blacklist the show as terrorist pr spin or start chearing for the Cylon's.

As for B5, it really didn't start to cook until the Shadow Wars series. The first season was kind of cartoonish, but still good.


b5 was excellent. Hokey, often, but hey - what other series had such a long arc?


The X-Files, of course!


I wouldn't call the X-files an arc so much as a squiggle, or better yet, a 4-year-old's freehand drawing.


Starts with aliens. Ends with aliens. Connect the two with a parabola. And there you have an arc.


Squiggle indeed - is it a guvment conspiracy, alien invasion, is it a bird, a plane ...

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