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September 04, 2006


Hurricane Harry

The terrible price won't be just the releasing of the terrorist monsters. In exchange for getting two Israeli soldiers back, more Israeli soldiers will be killed the next time the terrorists want hostages to exchange. Doing a prisoner exchange won't save any lives, it'll just change which Israeli lives are lost.

How Israel Should Negotiate Prisoner Exchanges

How To Negotiate With Terrorists

Hurricane Harry
Reporting from Beyond The Wall


I looked at the advice in the second link and I don't think I'm going to read the first. It's as if, like, terrorists just drop from the sky out of monsterland, which was kind of the opposite of the point of this post.


The ontological difference supposed between "the peacemaker" and "the terrorist" is quite interesting, but, by the end of your friend's little post, the roles are switched: it is the terrorist who has become the peacemaker and the peacemaker who has become the terrorist. Perhaps he is inadverdently on to something here - a phenomenological description of the emergence of Hezbollah and the way violence shapes identity, not to mention the power of words to construct reality itself! Pure genius.

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