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February 04, 2006



hi Mandos,
I really love your cheese posts. I need to read them over again though, as I've decided recently that I want to get to know cheese better and have opinions and stuff (after this, wines...). Do you have any advice on how to get to know cheese generally? Since I'm overly bookish, anything you'd recommend I read on the subject? I just bought my first decent hunk of parmesan this week, and some really, really expensive pear mustard to go with it. Worth every penny, though, cuz it's so good. I also got two other cheeses whose names escape. One's unopened still, the other's a really nice variety of ... gouda maybe? It goes great with apples.
take care,


Actually, I have no book-learnin' on this matter of cheese. I just go to the supermarket, pick one out that looks and feel interesting, and eat it in various contexts (over pasta, toasted, grilled, on crackers, microwaves, plain, etc, etc).

Sometimes I google up the origin and nature of a cheese I didn't buy that piqued my curiosity---and then buy it later. On occasion, a meal at a restaurant inspires me to find out about its cheese components.

In general, I find that while cheap generic cheese is not always bad (in the case of Swiss cheese, often quite good around here), sometimes more expensive cheese can be quite cost-effective. Less of it goes a longer way, often.

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