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February 06, 2006


Annamarie Deneen

Please read my post about this. (I was unable to write all that I wanted, as Blogger has been having technical difficulties, and my blog was one of those affected, causing me posting problems and missing/partial posts. They are still working on it.)

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An interesting discussion Mandros. Initially I considered the Muslim reaction to be disproportionate to the offense, but your post helps me better understand the source of the anger. As you say, Western media avoids offending Israelis or Jews yet the Danish newspaper offended Muslims.

I believe in free speech, but have little interest in supporting media outlets that are blatantly biased or racist.

At least the Danish newspaper has apologized. I found Die Welt's reprint and argument that there is a right to blaspheme in the West to be astoundingly inappropriate. I doubt they would use this argument to defend cartoons that were offensive to Jewish people.

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