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January 05, 2006


Eugene Plawiuk

Have you tried Alberta cheese's especially our aged Brie. Avoid the chemical based aged Brie's that occur in Canada. Again our Alberta cheeses such as Camambert and of course the cheedars are equal to anything produced elsewhere. There is a woman in New Brunswick that has sheeps milk cheese available. Have you tried this. Saw it on CBC's Absolutely Canadian. Rather delightful story. She has imported french sheep to produce a whole line of sheep milk, not goat, milk cheeses that apparently rank as well as their European counterparts.
And then there is the Maritmer who is producing pure organic blueberry juice. But thats not cheesy enough for you.


I dunno even if Alberta cheese is available here, despite the good selection. We do have local cheeses around Ottawa-Gatineau, of course, some of which I've eaten. I had a great cheddar from the...Burlington, Ont., I think a few days ago. We probably have the New Brunswick cheese here, somewhere.

I love blueberries, by the way, but pure organic blueberry juice sounds pricey even compared to cheese.

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