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December 13, 2005



In my hometown of Québec City, they did exactly that to the Jeffrey Hale hospital. It was the only hospital which had a majority of English-speaking staff for the English-speaking minority in Québec City, so they did downsize it and transferred many of its services to St-Sacrement (which is down the street from the Jeff) and the CHUL (Université Laval's hospital).

Now, the Jeff still has many basic hospital services but lacks specialised care. At least, I think they do geriatrics, but don't quote that as a certainty.

But what it ultimately did is by branding the hospital as a "hôpital d'anglais" they reduced wait times considerably. If I ever have something looked after through the emergency ward, I go there. I may end up having to be transferred to another hospital, but I get treated quickly. Meanwhile, wait times in places like the CHUL are ridiculously long. Smart? I don't think so: there are facilities and staff available to help out, but the "branding" of the hospital is keeping people in need of care away.

And, you probably know this, but Le Devoir is a pro-sovereignty newspaper which enjoys dividing the "two solitudes" further and further. Because it's considered an intellectual's newspaper, it has a tendency to create debates where there aren't really any.


Yes I know that about Le Devoir. Why do you think I read it?


For its commanding Quark skills?


I don't get the paper edition down here, only the web version, and then only the free articles unless I decide to hack through the university databases.

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