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December 13, 2005


Simon Pole

Interesting post. What about a francophone PM from outside Quebec? (A definate possibility in the near future).


What possibility are you thinking of?

No, I don't think that in the viewpoint of the letter writer, any francophone, or any politician from Quebec will cut it. Quebec federalists and nationalists (there's a very large overlap) very much perceive any discussion as necessary between two solitudes. Entities whose solitudiness is blurry are not sufficient: only "absolute" members of a solitude suffice for their to be discussion under this intellectual framework.

So Stephen Harper is, for instance, more acceptable than Stephane Dion, who is the anti-Christ (but from an empirical standpoint a fairly effective anti-Christ when he is in the national unity portfolio, or so it seemed at the time.)

Simon Pole

I was thinking of Bernard Lord. If the Conservatives can actually manage to move to the center again after this election, perhaps, with Lord as the leader, perhaps they can become a palatable option again in Quebec.

New Brunswick has always had an interesting position in regards to constitutional wrangling. I believe it was N.B. who was one of the first to break with the other provinces and agree to repatriate the constitution in 1982. Perhaps Quebecers might find this "third way" of federalism palatable, if Lord can position himself as its champion.


Would such a thing be palatable to the party's Reform base?

Simon Pole

That of course, is the open question. The Reforma-Tories do seem fairly muted during this campaign though. Perhaps they've given up.

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