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December 12, 2005



Yikes! I read 'em all, but i guess i honestly don't remember what happened in "The Magician's Nephew."

My favourite book was "The Voyage of the Dawn-Treader."

Porlock Junior

And the Blitz stuff is indeed an addition by the movie makers. In one way it's a good idea: what the heck does any kid in the 21st century know about World War II? Well, actually, I suppose that a lot of the British ones do know something, but this is shamelessly aimed at an international audience. Hey, it's better than putting the kids in Los Angeles, which was once rumored (truly, I think) to be in the plans.

But explaining why Edmund goes to the dark side: Yuck. Reminds me, in this season, of the movie writer who perceived that Dickens was a really terrible writer, giving us no psychological reason for Scrooge's being so bad.


I find that a lot of Hollywood films seem to turn on the flawed relationship between father and son, so much so that it seems to me to be an American obsession. Anyone able to tell me why this is?

Interesting that the White Witch's initial crime is described here as 'pre-emption.' I don't think this is quite right - her crime seems to have been using extreme battle tactics in a time of war (Lewis might have been thinking about the atomic bomb - not sure about this, though).
Are you, perhaps, putting your own ideological slant on the books with this interpretation? I'm not accusing you or anything, just curious.

I didn't really like the film, btw - seemed very contrived and confused - although I did identify with several of the characters, including The White Witch, Edmund (I loved his anger!) and Lucy.

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