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December 20, 2005



You do realize that the comment of him returning to the US if he loses is false? It was a joke by the UofT Campus Paper. He has no intention of going back and will stay at UofT to teach if he were to lose.


Oh, fine. Thanks for the information. It's still funny though. Now that you have corrected it, readers will know.


Bet Mikey doesn't have the hat.


The "joke" (one at which no one has yet laughed) actually comes from the Harvard Crimson and not from a UoT hack paper. As for whether he returns or not, it is a matter of time. His current position at UoT is a visiting position and not a permanent position. One of the luxuries of being famous -- universities will pay for six month to year long vacations.

The link to the original article in the Harvard hack paper is listed somewhere in my Ignatieff post.


Here's the article.


Thank you Craig for that confirmation. I should have double-checked by checking your site!


I gave up on updating it, obviously. Too much of the same: "Ignatieff supports torture", "Ignatieff denies supporting torture", .... Nothing worthwhile there afterall.

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