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December 08, 2005



Like I said, this was big news in Canada and is every year, but it's a nonissue in the US.

You've been away: it's a non-issue here as well. The CBC article I read (~200 words) and the short piece on the eleven o'clock news (about 20 seconds) focused upon Lepine, clearly missing the whole point of December 6th. Indeed, they made more of Lepine killing himself than of his killing of fourteen women and the problem of violence against women in general.


Really??? I used to remember CJOH usually having a short piece on the usual vigil and candle-lighting and so on. Huh.

One of the commenters on Jill's post suggests that it's a bigger deal in Montreal than what you inform me is the case in Ottawa.


I saw parts of the Toronto (CTV? City?) and Ottawa news (CBC). CBC's coverage was next to non-existent and the Toronto news was only concerned with those Christians in Iraq. I've noticed -- is it a conspiracy? -- that for the past couple of years, there have been rival vigils (in Canada) by Christian groups on December 6th. Either December 6th (and environs) is really unlucky for Christians, or they've declared war on the desire to stop violence against women. Who knows?

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