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December 01, 2005



Hi Mandos -- I haven't bothered listening to his stuff on "the lesser evil" (or reading it). I assume it is a defence of "the lesser evil" in the face of "the greater evil". For instance, blowing the crap out of Iraq is a "lesser evil" than letting Saddamn Hussein blow the crap out of us. (Lack of weapons notwithstanding, of course.) What makes me happy about this work is that Michael (presumably) recognizes himself (or, at the very least, his politics) for what he is: viz., evil.

Thanks for the Ignatieff material. I'm thinking of starting three more election related posts: "Words of Wisdom" by Paul Martin, the Reform Party guy, and Michael Ignatieff. Email me with contributions.


Yes, that and imperious declarations about the limits of resistance, precisely calibrated to make him look reasonable and willing to negotiate while reducing the subject peoples to impotence...look, if you want to limit resistance do so openly: there's a moral case for that. But in his case, his entirely work on the matter of terrorism amounts to carving out a moral and intellectual space for himself to wring his pretty little hands in dismay while his henchmen do what henchmen usually do.


Oh, and, yes, the Lilla book. Apparently it took two or three years for it to get to India. The review is pretty crappy -- standard sort of analysis: "Heidegger was a Nazi. He sought to influence politics. Others also seek to influence politics. They must also be Nazis". The last step is only ever implied, of course. It would be impolite to accuse someone of being a fascist!

Of course, the whole project of Lilla's is rather strange:he ignores the school -- to which he belongs, by the way -- that has most sought and most successfully sought to influence politics. I mean, of course, the Straussians.

A reviewer on Amazon put its well: "The book is short and the type is large."

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