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June 19, 2005


Mustafa Hirji

You know, the sad part is that most of us on Points of Information actually vote progressively relatively often. In fact, I think all but maybe one of us voted NDP last provincial election (and lest there be confusion, I did vote NDP).

- Mustafa Hirji


Yeah but my impression was that that was a protest vote. Am I wrong? I'm really talking about a wider world-view and set of priorities. On PoI I felt I had to argue a lot, and while I love to argue, it gets taxing if I feel obliged to do it on my own turf, ALL THE TIME.


I also voted NDP last provincial election, and the New Democrat was my (distant) second choice last federal election. I also don't believe in protest votes, and will spoil my ballot in place of supporting a candidate who I don't think is good. I think that I am, by any measure, well left of centre (as I wrote in a letter to the Edmonton Journal: "I like my taxes high, my gay marriages legal, my international environmental accords implemented, and my foreign policies ethical."). I only argued with you on the merits of the wholesale provision of powers to political parties, which is clearly a terrible idea. In fact, both Jones and Mustafa are of the mind that I'm too much a big government junkie, I believe.

Anyway, I have a blog of my own and POI, so I don't want another blog even if you'd have me, but I wanted to address this allegation that you were always outnumbered on POI.


Hmmn. I see why you felt you were arguing all the time.


Yeah - dumb bastard can't even tell when people agree with him.


Allo. It's been a busy and waistline expanding week. I'll resume blogging in the next few days, I think.

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