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April 14, 2005



After you've finished the calculations let us know what the tax rates are. Obviously the personal exemption tells us nothing about the overall level of taxation.

From my own experience tax rates in the US were lower. This is a generally accepted fact but the amount varies from case to case is the difference is not as high as some urban legends would have you believe.

Whether that's a good thing or not depends on your political views.


Let me put it this way (without revealing my income, which was less than a whole year's income seeing as I just started here!): in Canada I would have paid less federal tax than I did here, and roughly the same in state tax. I know this for a fact.

Of course, once you add owning capital, etc, etc (which I do not), US taxes may actually end up being lower. But just straight salary, and at rather non-high levels? Yes, I can definitely say that the US is worse for some earners than Canada. And once you add in the ever-rising cost of health care here, Canada starts looking pretty good.

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