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April 28, 2005


Ian Welsh

Sovereingty association is a lot like saying "let's divorce but still live together."

And feelings run high - a lot of Quebecers don't understand that the attitude in many parts is "whatever, leave if you want. Stay if you want, but just make up your minds."

And people who don't think it could disintegrate into war haven't thought it through. Because what happens when the Indians and parts of Quebec coming running to Ottawa screaming that they don't want to be part of and independent Quebec - that they are Canadians? And the Governor General dissolves the government because the Prime Minister is from Quebec? And the Princess Pats and the VanDoos suddenly have to decide who they serve.

What a mess.


Well, yes and no. Sovereignty-association is more like saying, "Lets live like the EU does." The EU is a very attractive compromise in some ways; it has rigid "federal" standards, in some ways stricter than Canada even, but members are free to implement as they see fit and retain the trappings of sovereignty and spend in the way they want to spend.

But the problem is that it gives Quebec a veto equal to a larger population. And that won't fly, as we've been discussing on Norman Specter's web site.

Funny that I should start posting on his web site when I so totally object to what he often says, as an aside. His site is the only conservative site I've come across in a long time where I can actually stomach the debate.


Spector is an interesting character. I think he's one of the few conservatives (well, he's conservative from where I'm standing, anyway) who doesn't consistently sound like an ass to me. Watching him interact with Pia Shandel and Moe Sihota was excruciating, but mainly because they were such a terrible clashing mis-match of personality and intelligence levels.

Anyway, your post has answered some questions I've had for a long while about Separatisme. Interestingly, when I finally saw how the EU was shaping up, I thought it might be an interesting model for a reconstituted Canada. At some future time, of course.

BTW, Mandos, I hope you're planning on using your considerable eloquence and intellectual acumen for good, and not eeeevil. I suspect you will go far, young man.

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