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February 23, 2007



First of all, I read this guy's blog and to tell you the truth, he doesn't hate Muslim women wearing the veil, despite his wishes to see Canada become a secular country. Mandos, stop seeing all remarks on religious accommodation as racism.

Seriously, buy a brain.


I'm sorry, it is racism and hatred. A "secular" country promoted by making people's personal choices of dress extremely inconvenient is country that is not secular, but one based on hatred, just as much is it if it forced people to wear clothes based on a religious principle. It is the same.


I'm sorry, I've read Anh Khoi Do's blog many times and he doesn't have any bone of racism in his mind. He never said that Muslim or any other religious groups are inferior to Westerners.

A secular country is a country that strictly separates religions from the state. Therefore, religiously accommodating minorities is a complete violation of the principle of secularism. In fact, while the state refuses to accommodate Christians, it grants prerogatives to religious minorities. As a result of that, the only way to treat people equally is to copy France, which means that nobody is to be treated on religious consideration by the law.

Moreover, a secular country doesn't entirely "make people's personal choices of dress extremely inconvenient". It only says that you can't wear religious symbols in public places. In fact, France doesn't forbid people to wear their religious symbols in religious places. By implying that European countries are racist, you definitely show an extremely weak analysis.

Racism and secularism are not the same thing, you stupid son of a bitch.


I agree with Inaritu and Pipi. It looks like you're an offended Muslim who is desperately looking for attention, Mandos. If Anh Khoi Do was so racist, he would tell Muslims to leave.

By the way, stop playing with the words. Anh Khoi Do is not an "extremist", because he never said that he wants to kill people for a "Holy War".

Mandos, by looking at your extremely perfunctory analysis, I'm not sure that people will take you seriously.

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