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February 12, 2007



Well thanks for posting this mandos! Much appreciated - I'm not going to debate your defensiveness of ottawan cuisine... though I might say I was once an ottawan myself! :P and well - let's just say i think TO food is by far the best in the world! It's also nicely situated to local food producing regions like niagra/peterborough - so we get good, local produce often! :)

A lot of the non-authenticity, I do believe, does make it down to the Oppressed Classes. Yes, it makes it down in the form of pre-processed industrial food---which, I might add, is not wholly without merits---but there are people in this world who wouldn't imagine that there are other tastes without the opportunity to "bastardize" cuisine.

I agree with you, there are two things going on here. 1) is knee-jerk reactionism and buying into the idea that 'culture' is static and must be 'preserved'.
Which is funny because think of how 'flat breads' and rice seem to be a staple diet of most regions in asia/central asia/eurasia. And think of what we do without the introduction of the tomato to India? I can't even imagine what half the dishes I love would be without it... Cuisine is definitely a hybridity. But I guess my comments directly pertain to capitalism as a manifestation of 'whiteness'. (i.e. white consumers and white producers). Can you fathom picking up memories of kashmir without totally laughing your ass off?

2) there is a good evidence that suggests that processed food is primarily consumed by lower-class and often POC peoples in North america. But this goes back to the fact that processed foods are cheaper and faster for lower-income people to make. But in that case, it would be better if our working days were shorter and good locally grown crops were available.


Vegetarian options are quite limited in Ottawa - the standard vegetarian dishes at Chinese and Indian restaurants and a couple assorted vegetarian restaurants (one in Westboro is supposed to be good - "The Green Table" or something like that). There's also a decent Chinese vegetarian restaurant on Somerset, "So Good," or somesuch. Toronto, obviously, has much better selection - I'd recommend "Bo De Buyen" for Chinese and "Fresh" for everything else (the raspberry lemonade is excellent, as are the sweet potato fries and the rice bowls).


I went to bo de duyen once I think, it was alright - and I LOVE fresh.

A really awesome veggie Thai place in Ottawa the sacred Garden on bank (after the glebe near the mayfair theatre/dairy queen/fresh fruit market?).

Also - the wild oat is absolutely delish (but overpriced IMO). And the table is good too (their desserts are fab).


Hmm. It must be the vegetarian issue, I suspect. I don't doubt that Toronto's vegetarian options are better than Ottawa's. It's "The Table" at Holland and the Other Wellington, and I'm told it's good, but I've never been there. There is "The Green Door"---owned by a childhood friend's parents. I don't know much about vegetarian restaurantsl, really, because it would have been impossible to bring my extremely carnivorous family to any of them, not to mention some of my friends.

Have you ever eaten at Ceylonta on Bank and Somerset? It's (for the most part) non-heavy idly-dosa Tamil food, good vegetarian choices.

I admit that I dislike the masala in masala dosa., but I love the cripsy dosas themselves. I usually order the dosas without the masala and get a side order of a meat dish and fill it with that. :) And, of course, ulunthu vadai..


Been to ceylonta and the green door. No, I still think the eating in ottawa for the most part aint so grande :P

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