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December 02, 2006


TRuth teller

Might just be the stupidest commentary heard on a blog with politics in the name. What a moron.


I am feeling the love.


Mandos, I would mostly agree with you -- and looking at progblogs over this week has often left me snorting -- but I'm following the race because I do think some of the candidates are seriously worse than others. Iggy is absolutely the worst; Rae is Iggy in sheep's clothing; so I'm now reduced to hoping that Dion can pull it off.

I won't open a vein if Rae wins because it would be marginally less bad to put up with listening to him as a public speaker. If Iggy wins, I ... dunno.


The real issue, of course, is the belief that the Liberal Party - in its federal and provincial incarnations - is a force for "progressive politics"!


So Dion won, eh? I seriously wonder what's going to happen to the libs. I am not a liberal (obviously, not conservative either), but seriously - I would rather have the libs in power than the cons. things can only get systematically fucked up with these ppl around. I can see no good coming out of this. The libs did do a few good things in their power under Chretien, and it amazes me how quickly we lose site of that...


Hi, AD. You don't think that Dion was a good choice from a Liberal Party POV? I think he was, or at least better than the other choices for them. See my latest post.


I will never understand the sort of person who gets all het up about political conventions and suchlike, but they're definitely out there, those people. the wonk's wonks. and/or people who really really dig cocktail parties, and the kind of people who attend -them.- Mingle mingle! Hors d'oeurve?

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