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August 26, 2005



So we're going to have the HOLY government solve the problem??

Surely you jest.

Kevin Brennan

Was that a parody or an actual comment? I can't decide.


Peak oilers are, of course, correct. Until someone can show me a bottomless oil well, I'm in the peak oil camp.

There is endless discussion about _when_ peak oil will happen. Some say now, some say 50 years.


Actually even the strongest opponents of Peak Oil theory believe in Peak Oil, except the abiotic oil people, who are crazy (they think the interior of the earth generates usable hydrocarbons rather than dead dinosaurs).

The question is not only about *when* Peak Oil will happen but whether we have substitutability.

The Oil Drum (profgoose)

Not just *when*...or even scalability or substitutability...

it's the uncertainty of who has what easy to get oil and easy to refine (read light sweet crude) oil. oil reserves are just not well known, that's the Matt Simmons premise (Twilight in the Desert), etc.

THis is all we talk about over at The Oil Drum. Come on over if you are so inclined.


Yeah, I read The Oil Drum every day these days, actually. I made the point about uncertainty on the Catallarchy thread, but they're worried about governmentally planned solutions, and that means a discussion about substitutability---substitutability via private means.

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